I have enabled POP based mail retrieval on sdp latest version and upon saving it says:
    FAILURE :Email Settings saved successfully. Could not find valid certification path to requested target,so kindly configure to apply Trusted/Self Signed Certificate
    The mail server is a linux one where pop is provided by dovecot

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    Restart the Servicedesk Service once.  Stop the Mail fetching under Admin-->Mail sever settings. If you have configured POP for the Mailbox, select the protocol POP while configuring the Mail Server settings under Admin tab. 

    Refer to the troubleshooting Document:

    Priya K

    I have the same problem even when I restart the service it didn't pick up any mail from the mailbox
    maybe you cold help me
    Hi Ruben,

    Kindly go to Admin --> Mail Server Settings and if the protocol selected is POP or IMAP, change it POPS or IMAPS and save the changes. While saving if you get the error again asking to install Trusted or Self Signed Certificate, then please go ahead and follow the steps present in the below troubleshooting link,


    While following the steps, enter the port number as 993 or 995 as according to the one which you are using and generate the certificate.

    SDP Support - FAQ
    ServiceDesk Plus - Help Desk Software of your Choice
    Hi Paul,

    I was able to access the URL without any issue. I have copied the steps below which you can follow to generate the certificate for Servicedesk.
    1. Download the file from the link given below and extract it to the Service Desk Plus Home directory.
    2. Run the Extracted batch file from the command prompt using the syntax given below.
      syntax:- gencert.bat (hostname):(port)
      cmd> gencert.bat sdpexchnage.com:995
    3. You will receive an exception PKIX. On supplying the value 1, a file called jssecacerts is generated in the ServiceDesk Plus Home Directory.
    4. Copy the jssecacerts file under jre\lib\security folder and restart ServiceDesk Plus application.
    5. Fill in the values under Mail Server Settings. Start fetching mails to check the functionality.
    I have also attached the zip file along with this post which you can use to generate the certificate. Do let me know if I can be of any further assistance. 

    SDP Support - FAQ
    ServiceDesk Plus - Help Desk Software of your Choice


    Igor Sheynikov Formation Lap
    Link http://bonitas.zohocorp.com/servicedesk/11Mar2010/certgeneration.zip does not work

    HTTP Status 404 - /servicedesk/11Mar2010/certgeneration.zip

    type Status report

    message /servicedesk/11Mar2010/certgeneration.zip

    description The requested resource is not available.

    Apache Tomcat/7.0.59

    adam.vella Formation Lap
    I'm having the same issue with our instance of Service Desk Plus 9.2 build 9200. does anyone have a way to fix this issue ?

    Hi Adam,

          Did you perform the steps given by Charles in this post?

          If the issue persist even after performing the steps, please contact our support team via support@servicedeskplus.com we will assist you further. 

    Prem M
    ServiceDesk Plus Support