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Hi, when running the SnmpGet Example, I've this message

"Request failed or timed out.
Error: Request Timed Out to localhost

Did you know why please ?

Thank you

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Following may be the reason for getting time-out issue:

Can you check whether agent is running on a specified system or not.

Agent response time is higher than the manager response time i.e., (by default manager timeout value is 5 seconds)due to network traffic . So the manager waits only 5seconds but agent retrieval time takes from 6 to 7 seconds or higher . Then Manager displays the time-out error.
You can increase the manager response time/ time out value using -t option in the command line application.

Hello everybody.
I take the occasion of this already existing topic to ask for a question of the same subject.
I premise that I have already increased the timeout parameter to a very high value, so it is unlikely that a "request failed" is due to timeout.
Well, my question is: is it possible that the snmp agent running on the device I am monitoring doesn't reply to each "get request" coming from the snmp manager?
I mean I see on the OP Manager suite all the MIBS present on the agent (by means of MIB Browser application) after loading them from the agent. Do the MIB represent only a "list of potentially requestable parameters" (and so it is not mandatory that the agent replies to each get request from the manager) or the agent HAS TO reply to each get request?
I hope to have been clear in my question.