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9311 vs Chrome

Temporary fix
in ServiceDesk Plus  •  General  •  19 Jun, 08:38 AM
Since upgrading to build 9311, Chrome will no longer work with SDP.  I have to use IE or IEtab for the site to even render.  This initially was happening as part of the 9310 SSO issue but as 9311 was supposed to fix this issue, it seems odd that it not only didn't fix SSO, it caused the site to not render as well.  

I've since rolled back our production SDP box to 9309 and kept my test SPD box on 9311 to try and troubleshoot.

Anyone else having issues?


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Re: 9311 vs Chrome

19 Jun, 11:13 PM
You should be able to find the "extracted" folder in "...\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\applications". In my experience, it is a good practice to rename the "extracted" folder to e.g. "extracted_old" after every SD+ upgrade and restart the SD+ service.

This is proper sequence:

1. Stop SD+ service.
2. Make backup.
3. Make upgrade\patching of SD+.
4. Rename "extracted" to e.g. "extracted_old"
5. Start SD+ service (or, it is better to restart the entire server and the service will start automaticaly).
6. Test functionality

In our environment it solves a lot of problems showing up after patching.

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Re: 9311 vs Chrome

20 Jun, 06:15 AM
Thanks for the info.  I was able to get the application back up and running in Chrome.  I ended up turning off pass-through auth and clearing browser cache (all that jazz).  

I did attempt the sequence you suggested and re-enabled pass-through auth.  Unfortunately no dice.  So I'm still having the same pass-through auth issues from 9310 in version 9311.