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Version 5.0.0 (5041) Build - Jul 2017:


  • Audit EMC Isilon.
  • Execute scripts to customize alert response.
  • Get reports on computer startup & shutdown.


  • Analyze logon failures similar to analyzing account lockouts.


  • Chart issue under 'Profile Based Reports' fixed.
  • 'Profile Based Reports' visible for technicians also.

Version 5.0.0 (5031) Build - Mar 2017:


  • Forward logs to syslog or SIEM servers.
  • Support for LDAP over SSL.
  • Reports from archives can be exported to PDF/CSV.
  • Audit Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services(ADLDS).
  • Audit Local Administrator Password Solution(LAPS).


  • Create custom alert profiles directly from reports with a single click.
  • Export to PDF/CSV formats 10 times faster.
  • In custom reports, time series chart supports monthly/yearly time periods.


Version 5.0.0 (5020) Build - Dec 2016:


  • Active Directory Federation Services [ADFS] Auditing.


  • Elaborate disk information provided in "Admin" pages.
  • "Jump To" delegate option for technicians handled.

Version 5.0.0 (5010) Build - Nov 2016:


  • Account Lockout Analyzer now analyzes OWA/ActiveSync for lockout reason.
  • User idle time calculation [Beta]


  • Support for home page charts on-demand refresh.

  • Schedule Reports - "View Reports" link gets hidden on a particular date format.

Version 5.0.0 (5000) Build - Aug 2016:


  • Powerful Search, Reports on Archives


  • Advanced filters for Alerts
  • Terminal Gateway Server Audit added to Custom Reports
  • Advanced Search in reports
  • Copy Custom Report feature

  • Spanning multiple IE instances in the background during service start
  • Schedule reports - business hours issue

Version 5.0.0 (4693) Build - May 2016:


  • Support for Remote Desktop Gateway Server audit


  • Set default time period for every report

  • License corruption - product converts itself to free edition
  • Vulnerability fixes

Version 5.0.0 (4691) Build - March 2016:


  • Configure cross-domain technicians in ADAudit Plus.
  • Create custom reports for File Integrity, Printer Auditing, Server audit categories etc.

  • Bulk email configuration for alert profiles.
  • Configuring username/password with special characters.
  • Restore archive events page navigation issues.

Version 5.0.0 (4690) Build - Feb 2016:


  • New Flat user interface
  • Complete alert email customization.
  • List archive files that contain data for date range while generating report.
  • Custom reports - Share based filter issue - fixed.
  • Roles associated with technicians can be deleted - fixed.
  • Special character support - username/password in mail server settings.

Version 4.6.0 (4685) Build - November 2015:

*New: NetApp Cluster support - File Auditing

*New: Track NTLM events

*Improved: Last 'N' Period support for reports

*Improved: Customize Charts in reports

*Fixed: Security fixes and enhancements

*Fixed: Report on deleted files using "Shift+Del" in FIM

*Fixed: Performance improvements

*Fixed: Adding objects with special characters to Report Profiles

Version 4.6.0 (4681) Build - August 2015:

*New: Technician delegation and auditing

*Improved: Search object activities has been extended to groups and computers in addition to the existing user object

*Improved: Export option for aggregate reports now available for the whole dashboard and the object search window

*Fixed: GPO & Advanced GPO zip creation fixed

*Fixed: Excluding objects issue fixed in Configuration audit

*Fixed: CSV & PDF export issue fixed in non-English versions

*Fixed: SQL injection vulnerability in Alerts tab

*Fixed: Quick Search fixed in few reports

*Fixed: Search option above the Reports listing

*Fixed: Popup issue through AD360

*Fixed: Network share modified report issue

*Fixed: In configure technicians via OU / Group, user removal from group / OU handled

*Fixed: Handled domain names with special characters

*Fixed: Fixed export report chart name alignment issue

Version 4.6.0 (4671) Build - June 2015:

*New: Aggregate reports.

*New: Search activities based on username.

*Improved: 'Reset to Default Columns' option is now available for profile based reports too.

*Improved: Performance enhancements for faster report loading.

*Fixed: Issues related to fetching user/computer/group moved report (MS SQL db) have been fixed.

*Fixed: Issues related to GPO Link Changes report (MS SQL & MYSQL) have been fixed.

Version 4.6.0 (4662) Build - March 2015:

*Improved:  File Auditing-  view IP or computer name from where the file was accessed.

*Improved:  File Auditing-  view the changed file / folder properties (SACL / DACL / General) from the reports.

*Improved: User names will now be displayed for events done across domains (SID info from Global Catalog).

*Improved: User names now reported on AD activities using Exchange Management Console (EMC).

*Improved: Separate reports for file move and file rename.

*Improved: Report File Creation via event logs (Optional, Default: Snapshot comparison).

*Fixed: MS Office documents modification reported properly.

*Fixed: Select all in add users / computers.

*Fixed: User Object History report - All group activities involving users are now reported.

*Fixed: "Domain Settings" page empty and "Domain Already exists" fixed.

*Fixed: Enable disabled Servers for event collection after applying a valid license based on last event time.

Version 4.6.0 (4661) Build - January 2015:

*New: Create and manage custom reports.

*Improved: Track share activity in configured Member Servers / Domain Controllers.

*Improved: Reports filtered with a search query can be saved for a quick view.

*Improved: Improved product security.

*Improved: Configurable event collection mode - Real-time / Scheduled collection.

*Improved: Audit OU based user / computer / group creation.

*Fixed: Issue while sending alerts when time zone is configured.

*Fixed: Printer name with non-English characters can be configured.

*Fixed: Issue while selecting all objects in report generation.

Version 4.6.0 (4652) Build - October 2014:

*Fixed : Evtemp performance issue fixed.

*Fixed : Schedule report delete issue fixed.

Version 4.6.0 (4651) Build - October 2014:

*New : Real time auditing for Active Directory.

*Fixed : Audit reports for (users, groups, computers, OUs) which are moved.

*Fixed : Report - User services (Know the configured services across computers with user names).

*Fixed : Automatic audit policy configuration for trusted domain.

*Fixed : Delete history of scheduled reports periodically.

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Replies (8)

Whats new in 4132 and 4133??
Guna Employee

Greetings from ADAudit Plus!

There were bug fixes in versions 4132 and 4133 with respect to,
  • Sending emails in TLS mode.
  • A fix in database connectivity.
  • Problem in running the product in "https"(SSL)
Please let us know for any further questions, we will be glad to assist.


ADAudit Plus Team
Hello again,
Thanks for your answer!
Is there a way we can be aware about new build releases? It would be great if we could receive a message everytime ManageEngine releases a new build for ADAudit. Is there any newsletter or something else? Thanks!
Guna Employee
Dear Customer,

Please send an email (Subject : Notification on New releases) to "" with your contact details and we will make sure to update you on new build releases.


ADAudit Plus Team 
Direct : +1-408-916-9891
mcdonamw Formation Lap
I just noticed I was credited in your official release notes.  I feel honored!  Thank you.
"*Improved : "Domain Settings" page enhanced with "Last Schedule Run at" and "Timestamp of the Last event" columns(courtesy: Mathew McDonald, First Advantage)"
Guna Employee
Dear Matthew,

We attribute most of our success to customers like you.  We take all comments as seriously even the criticism. 

We thank you for your continued support to ADAudit Plus.


ADAudit Plus Team 
Direct : +1-408-916-9891
Version 4.1.0(4134) Build - Oct 03 2011 :

*New : Exclude configuration for File Server audit based on file types, extensions, processes and users
*New : Windows Server 2003 File Server Cluster support

*Improved : Automatic SACL configuration for GPO/OU auditing.
*Improved : "User Last Logon" report that lists all users' last logon time in a Domain.

*Fixed: "Event log file is corrupt"

Version 4.1.0(4130) Build - Aug 08 2011 :

*New : Support for Windows File Server Cluster

*Improved : Disk space email alert
*Improved : Emails can be sent as plain text
*Improved : Date format in reports can be configured

*Fixed: File creation with table rotation

Version 4.1.0(4121) Build - June 08 2011 :

*Improved : "Domain Settings" page enhanced with "Last Schedule Run at" and "Timestamp of the Last event" columns(courtesy: Mathew McDonald, First Advantage)

*Fixed : Filtering of events are categorized for better performance, which will reduce the raw event accumulation in "ev_temp" folder
*Fixed : Bug in URL to access published schedule reports corrected.
*Fixed : Addition of shares to the existing configured File Server will not work until it is added again.
*Fixed : Table backup issue with File Server/Member Server data.

Version 4.1.0(4120) Build - May 06 2011:

*New  : Radius Logon Auditing (NPS).
*New  : Exclude service or user accounts from logon auditing.
*New  : Improved Member Server auditing, the following are now monitored
 Scheduled Tasks.
Local account creation/modification/deletion.
Local Audit Policy changes.
System changes - Start/Stop/Audit Log cleared etc.,
Process tracking on Servers.  

*Improved : Admin tab grouped and re-ordered for user convenience.
*Improved : Tree View of built-in containers.

*Fixed : Data table missing after table rotation.
*Fixed : File handles for message dlls released.
*Fixed : Performance enhancement fixes.

Version 4.1.0(4111) Build - Feb 21 2011:

*Improved: "File Creation" auditing scalability enhanced
*Improved: Increased the number of parallel event log collection for Windows Server 2008
*Improved: Configurable number of threads depending on the number of Windows Servers 2003/2008

Version 4.1.0(4110) Build - Jan 28 2011:

*Improved : Automatic policy configuration for File Servers/Member Servers.

*Fixed : 'Deleted files' fix for File Servers.
*Fixed : 'Top 5 Users who modified/failed access' chart fix in home page of File Audit.
*Fixed : Member Servers schedule for event log collection.
*Fixed : Thread pool fix for event log collection.

Version 4.1.0(4100) Build - Nov 17 2010:

*New : File Server Auditing
*New : File/Folder - Creation/Modification/Deletion auditing.
*New : File/Folder - Access and Permission changes auditing
*New : Schedule Reports, Alerts on any file/folder changes.

Version 4.0.0(4050) Build - July 6 2010:

* New: Auditing Local Logon/Logoff, Terminal Services activities on Member Servers.
*New: Report on users logged on to multiple computers.

*Improved: Support for IPv6-6to4 transition scheme in logon reports.
*Improved: GPO/OU modifications on Windows Server 2008 AD now reported.

Version 4.0.0(4045) Build - May 18 2010:

* Improved: Fix for "parameter is incorrect" while collecting event logs.
* Improved: "Users' Last Logon Report" performance improvements.

Version 4.0.0(4044) Build - Apr 02 2010:

* Improved: Event collection performance improvements for Windows 2008 Servers
* Improved: Fix while collecting certain "Groups" from Active Directory.

Version 4.0.0(4043) Build - Mar 05 2010:

* New: Users, Computers, Groups, OU and GPO audit reports are grouped under a new "Account Management" category.
* New: Configure alert to notify event log collection failure.
* New: Configure alert on low disk space.

* Improved: MySQL has been tweaked to provide an enhanced performance.
* Improved: "Select All Objects" option integrated with reports.
* Improved: "Report Profiles" can be enabled or disabled.
* Improved: "Alert Profiles" can be enabled or disabled.

Version 4.0.0(4042) Build - Dec 09 2009:

* New: Generate reports on archived / backed-up event logs.
* New: Access ADManager Plus right from the ADAudit Plus console using a “Jump-to” option.

* Improved: Graphs enhanced to highlight top user activities / events.

Version 4.0.0 (4040) Build - Nov 06 2009 :

* New : Support for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 AD environments.
* New : Audit Local Logon / Logoff on Domain Controllers.
* New : Audit Terminal Service activities on Domain Controllers.

* Improved : Reports on users', groups' or computers' that have been moved/renamed in AD.
* Improved : A dashboard graph now provides a snapshot of all Account Management actions.
* Fixed : "Not Enough resources" error fixed.

Version 4.0.0 (4030) Build - Aug 28 2009 :

* New : Multi-user login capabilities : Allow multiple users to login into the ADAudit Plus web portal. Admin users with complete privileges and operator users with read only privileges can be delegated.
* New : GPO Auditing : Creation, Modification, Deletion of GPO's, GPO link changes and GPO change history are reported.
* New : OU Auditing : Creation, Modification, Deletion of OU's, and OU history are reported.

* Improved : "Recently modified groups" report added under  Group Management Category.
* Improved : "Password never expires" and "User's last logon" reports added User Management Category.
* Improved :  Event Log Properties of Domain Controllers can be viewed from "Domain Settings" page.
* Fixed : Configuring mail server with user credentials,
* Fixed : Multi-user selection in IE6 .,

Version 4.0.0 (4020) Build - July 14 2009 :

* New : Schedule reports to automatically run at selected time intervals.
* New : Automatic delivery of scheduled reports as a link or an attachment via. Email.
* New : Scheduled clean-up and back-up of processed event log data.

* Improved : Multiple input selection in reports.
* Improved : Event log fetch interval for DC's can now be configured in "minutes".
* Improved : Alerts can be viewed for custom time periods.

Version 4.0.0 (4010) Build - May 29 2009 :

* New: Notification of Alerts by Email.
* New: Pre-generated Home Charts.
* Improved : Charts on severity of Alerts.
* Improved : Option to perform a Quick Search in Alerts.
* Improved : Configuring Domain Controller's Policy.
* Improved : Audit Policy Update on Object Refresh.
* Improved : WMI related error handling.

Version 4.0.0 (4001) Build - Feb 18 2009:

* New: Archiving of Event Log data
* New: Scheduled cleanup of Alerts
* New: Clear, Delete Alerts
* New: Custom user created profiles categorized under "My Report Profiles"

* Improved: Profile based Alerts
* Improved: Time filter added for History, Activity reports
* Improved: View Alerts from "Alert Profiles"
* Improved: Viewing corresponding Event details for Alerts