David 25 Laps

Add requester not in via AD sync error

in ServiceDesk Plus  •  General  •  16 Jun, 08:51 AM

We have this option turned off

Yet is a user enters a Requester name in a Change who is not in the system and saves the request, they get a prompt:

Is there something else we need to do to turn this off? And if not, what does the top option apply to?



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Dinesh Bhaskaran Product Expert-SDP
Hi David,


Dynamic User Addition, is a feature in ServiceDesk Plus integrated with Active Directory. So that, when a user is not imported into the application but present in Active Directory, then the user can login to the application using the AD credentials. This will automatically provide login access to the application.

This will help when new users are not added into ServiceDesk Plus due to ADSychronization schedule, they can still login to the application just by using their AD credentials, which will also create a requester account in ServiceDesk Plus at the same time.

Whereas, when a Technician types in an incorrect Requester name while creating request, it pops up a message "Requester name does not exist. Do you wish to add new requester as a part of saving this change". The best way to overcome this would be disabling the permission in Roles to add Requester.

Hope this helps!

David 25 Laps
Perfect Dinesh, thanks. That last sentence was exactly what I was looking for. We ONLY want new requesters to come through via AD so this is perfect.