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Additional features For Roles for Technicians

in ServiceDesk Plus  •  Feature Request  •  15 Jun, 07:02 AM
For adding requesters to Service Desk, we manually add them from Active Directory. This Process is currently done by me, using the SDAdmin Role. I am in the process of assigning rights to 2 members of my IT Operations team, each in different locations. I want them to assist in the import of freshly created AD users to Service Desk, I tried to assign them the SDSiteAdmin role, but it does not have available to manually import from AD to create the Requesters. I would like this feature to be added to this role, or if there is another way to do this that would be great, but I do not want to grant them full SDAdmin rights.

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Why dont you use scheduled import? 

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Jeff Vickers 10 Laps
Main reason is that we have Accounts in AD that we do not want to have imported as requesters. My doing the manual import, after the user is created in Active Directory allows us to keep Service Desk clean and organized. In our previous instance of Service Desk we had this set up and to auto import and Our locations, Departments, etc. we had set up got messed up quickly.

With the manual import this allows the person adding requester to verify that all entries for AD account are set properly before adding. 
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So why not create a ServiceDesk OU in AD and JUST import those using schedule? I'm pretty sure you have the option in the scheduler to select by OU when you import. 

Adding users manually is SO 2005. =)