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Am I being punked?

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in Mobile Device Manager Plus  •  Uncategorised  •  17 Feb, 10:27 AM
Patched Desktop Central from 10.0.5 to 10.0.54 and now every time I make a change to a policy, profile, etc....I lose contact with the device? Example, prior to our update I could see all devices. Then I made a profile change to wi-fi and pushed the change and now I can't see that device. And on another device I remove the profile then reassociated it and now I can't see it?

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Re: Am I being punked?

20 Feb, 09:14 AM
Hello Kurt,


Do you mean, device got removed from the MDM Module after associating the profile? 

Further, you mentioned that you made a changes in Wifi. Hence, can you check the device manually whether that profile is associated or not and also try accessing the Desktop Central console from mobile browser with wifi settings that you updated in the profile to check the server reachable. 

Keep me posted the status.



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