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I would like to ask if there's an easy way to find out which monitor has a bad username/password that's causing my service account to lockout.

We have an account lockout policy enabled on the AD and this service account is used for all Windows machine.

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Yes, we do have two options which can ease your job.
  1. View Monitor Errors page.
        Access the following URL after login into AppManager
        This page will list all monitor which has problems in datacollection like due to authentication issue etc.

  2. Monitor Error Mail
       By selecting this option, you can send Emails in case of any fatal monitor error like data collection not
       happening etc. This mail will be sent to the Email address provided in the Admin User account. If there is'nt any
       provided we send the mail to the Email address provided in Mail Server configuration hence make sure an valid
       email is provided in either of these 2 places.

       Futher more you can use the number of times the error has to occur before email is triggered in the Check for
       consecutive polls before sending error box.
    Let us know if you need any clarifications.