In order to have a better control of the assignations and tendency of the problems, add the group field could be the option to this, in fact is stranger not have this option.

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Hi Omar,

As of now Group Field is not available in the Problem Module. However this requirement is available in our product roadmap, please make a note of the Feature ID:SDF-28063 for your reference.

This will be added into the product in one of our hotfix.

Santhosh Mahiban
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Adam Marks 20 Laps
Can we have an update on this and where it sits in the roadmap? Thanks.

Hi Adam,

We have not started to work on this feature yet and with the present schedule, I am very sorry to inform that it is not possible to commit a timeframe as of now.

The list of features that we are working on is listed in the link given below,



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jason.winter 15 laps
I was just about to add a feature request for this as well....we manage a lot of problems and its hard to effectively report on them if I can't sort them by assigned support group
zohoreports Formation Lap
I can't even see this request on the road map and I see it as a defect.  Not every IT team has dedicated Problem Managers, so this needs to be separated by group for each team to manage.  Please advise on where this is located, on what roadmap and when it is likely to be released? thanks.
Demetrius 35 Laps

Groups for changes was added in build 9030. Why does it take so long to add groups for problems?

Best regards,