Tim De Bruyn Formation Lap

at the moment I can only set the monthly Schedule on day 30 or 31 (or 28/29 for February).  Months without a 31st day are skipped when I select "On 31 day" and when I select "On 30 day" my report isn't complete because it's missing a day.  So at the moment I have to change it each month. It would be nice to have an option "On last day of the month".
Thanks in advance!

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sriram.ks Employee
Hi Tim,

This is a nice to have feature for the OnDemand application. We will take it as a feature request and implement it in the application based on the demand and priority.

Please get back to us for further clarifications

Thanks & Regards,
ServiceDesk Plus OnDemand Support
Carl Formation Lap
I would also like to see the option to schedule Preventive Maintenance Tasks for "the last day of the month".  Currently I have to set it for early in the morning on the 1st of the month, and count on someone picking up and completing the task in the 1 hour we have before opening for the day.

Thanks for raising this as feature request.

Scheduler for Report scheduling and Preventive Maintenance Tasks scheduling is same UI. We will take up the "the last day of the month" feature enhancement commonly for both.

We shall keep you informed on the updates and information on the same.

Please do get back to us for any further details or queries.

Thanks & Regards,
Saravana Balaji .S
ServiceDesk Plus OnDemand