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Completed and waiting for Week 2. :) Sarathi Employee
Yaay!  Good luck for the upcoming weeks..:)

Will these be made available to watch on-demand? Sarathi Employee
If you are referring to the live results, you've got to wait and watch till week four.  This does not work like a webinar. It is a series of quizzes spread over 4 weeks. This month focuses on incident management using ServiceDesk Plus. Do participate and keep coming back the next few weeks too! Good luck :)
Adam Marks 20 Laps

SDP Team,

I like the engagement. Keep up the good work.


Adam Marks Sarathi Employee
You made our day, Adam, thank you! Keep coming back to participate!

Ryan 25 Laps
This is a great idea! It's a fun way to keep fresh on what we've learned and to learn new things. :D
Sukumar Community Manager
That's the whole idea Ryan! Glad you are liking it. Looking forward to your participation in the coming weeks. 

Happy boot camping! Sarathi Employee
Thanks to all those who participated in Boot Camp so far. Those of you who didn't, I think you shouldn't miss out on the fun. Some of you have participated the first week, but not the subsequent two weeks. Go on and participate now and earn the bonus points for completing week 3 before end of day on Saturday- Aug 20, 2016.

And don't forget to come back on Monday for the last week of this camp!
Dawit 30 Laps
Checked back just on time. Waiting for week 4.  :) Sarathi Employee
Great! Good Luck for the fourth week..

Demetrius 35 Laps

As I completed all questions in the past 4 weeks, I wonder where I can see my score.

Best regards,
Vidya Vasudevan Community Manager
Hey Demetrius,

The score, grades, and result will be shared after the end of week 4 :) This will be automated from our next camp. Thanks for participating this month. Hoping to see you on the next one as well.

Good luck!
Massimo Marino 10 Laps
Possible to have a copy of the Q&A for internal training use? ;)
Sukumar Community Manager
Massimo Marino Yes, we'll share the Q&A once this month's Bootcamp is closed. Follow this thread for further updates. Hope you participated in all 4 weeks and liked it. This is going to be a recurring activity. Looking forward to your participation in next month's Bootcamp.

Sukumar Community Manager
The BootCamp for Aug '16 is now closed. Thanks for your overwhelming response. Glad to announce the winners:

Congratulations folks! All 3 of you have scored over 80% and earned 1000 PitStop points. 

How the points are awarded:
  • Points for correct entries
  • Bonus points for completing the weekly camps on time
  • Additional bonus points for those who completed the mission by camping all 4 weeks
  • Aggregate points were converted to percentage and final points were awarded based on the below criteria:

More than 80%1000
Between 70% to 80%750
Between 60% to 70%500
Between 50% to 60%250
Less than 50%100

What next?
  • Keep a tab on your inbox. We'll be reaching out to you with score update
  • Q&A from camp will be made available by mid of next week
  • Points will reflect in your profiles by mid of next week
  • Badges will be awarded to those who camped all 4 weeks
  • Watch out this space for further updates
Check out the Asset Management Boot Camp for Sep '16 here. Participate and have fun.

Dawit 30 Laps
Sukumar Community Manager
As promised, attaching the Q&As from Boot Camp Aug '16 for your reference. Do let us know if you need clarifications.


Sukumar Community Manager
Dear PitStoppers,

Just wanted to let you know that points and badges have been added to your profiles. Points were added based on your score and badge if you participated in all 4 weeks. 

You caeither access the 'My Profile' menu from your profile pic on the right, or access using this link. Make sure you are  signed in though.  Check the image embedded for reference.

Make sure you boost your profile points by participating in this month's Boot Camp. Have fun!