Andrew N 20 Laps

Can you set a business rule to only look for specific text and not "contains" ?

For example , we just want to apply it for AAA, but not run for CAAA or AAA-1234.We're unsure the "IS" is suitable as this provides a strict condition as our field may have the AAA somewhere along the string.

Any ideas ?


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Priya Kumar Manager-Support
Hi Andrew,

As of now, words are matched exactly if Is condition is used. Let me forward your requirement to our development team.

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Andrew N 20 Laps
Thanks Priya.
Alagarraja Alagar Swamy Product Architect - SDP
Hi Andrew,

We have plans to enhance the criteria section of "Business Rules" similar to "Advanced Search Criteria" component. Under the same we can have multiple conditions for the same field will help to resolve your requirement. Please have feature id SDF- 62711 for further reference in this regard.

Please get back to us for further assistance.

Alagar Raja.