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Can't print from IE11, Chrome works fine

in ServiceDesk Plus  •  Troubleshooting  •  18 Jun, 11:16 PM
In Internet Explorer only, when users or technicians are signed into Service Desk Plus, if they open a ticket, navigate to Actions > Print Preview  then click Print, the following text is printed:

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus              Page 1 of 1

Unfortunately the page
you requested does not exist.
You made a mistake when typing the page address (URL).
Clicked on a broken or incorrect link.
The requested page has been deleted.
Go back and try again Return to home page 

The URL down the very bottom of the page is:

This can't be reproduced in Google Chrome, only in IE.
It has been tested on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines. Note I have tested printing to several different brand printers, and also by using Microsoft Print to PDF driver, and the PDF contains the same text above also.

This has only recently started happening. Could it be a bug from a recent upgrade? We are running 9.3 Build 9311.

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Hi Blake.

I am new here, but I am pretty sure your problem is related to this pinned post.

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We also discovered this problem today. Is the workaround to uninstall the KB-update on the SDP-server or do we need to do it on the client that has the problem?

Alexander Nordin
Region Halland
Dinesh Bhaskaran Product Expert-SDP

Hello all,

This issue is specific to Internet Explorer 11 running on a Windows 10 OS.

It occurs only in the request module print and not in problem / change modules. This is because, only in Request module we have given an option to choose fields that need to be printed, and the actual content would be shown below as an iframe. When you click the print button, it would simulate the print command on the iframe. This breaks in IE 11 and cannot be fixed from the application end. Microsoft needs to fix it.

We request you all to use other browsers to print request until Microsoft fixes its browser issue. We are also analyzing the possibilities of providing a workaround to overcome this issue.

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This is not entirely accurate.

I was made aware of the issue by my boss who uses IE 11 and Windows 7.  I use Windows 10 so can confirm that.

We're using Chrome which seems to render the prints well for now but have also tested Firefox.


Mark E Housler
Blake Munro Formation Lap
Likewise, it was first noticed by one of our staff on a Windows 7 machine with IE11, I then tested on 2 Windows 10 machines and experienced the same issue.
Sergio 5 Laps

We had the same problem here and it appears Microsoft updated the KB with a patch for the 404 issue:

So far I've tested this on my station and it appears to be working. Can anyone else confirm?