Hemalakshmi B Employee
Who says IT is all work and no play? Not us!    In fact, we encourage you to laugh at some funny sysadmemes -  it's good for the imagination. Caption these images and  pep up the fun quotient. Caption as many as you can and win an Amazon voucher worth $20.*
Note: You'll not be able to write your caption in this thread. Please click on the image you'd like to caption and write your captions on the thread that opens. 
* Winners will be chosen based on the participation and creativity.

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Hemalakshmi B Employee
This contest is now closed. Thank you all for your wonderful & witty captions! We enjoyed reading them all. Here's the list of winners for the Sysadmeme contest:

2. Jerry
3. Ken
5. Jaco
7. Trevis
8. Will
12. Nathan
13. David
18. Sunny M
20. Dawit
23. Ken Lai

Congratulations to all the winners. We'll be sending you the gift vouchers soon! :)
Those who didn't make it to this list, it's only because we could have only 25 winners and not more. Your captions were absolute ticklers too!  
Nathan T Formation Lap
Any idea when these are being emailed?  I just want to be sure the old spam filter doesn't gobble it up.  Thanks!