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I have recently upgraded the software version on our ASA 5505 as well as installed the latest version of the Netflow Anayzer and cannot seem to get those to talk.  I have configured the IP address as well as the port 9996 but still nothing.  Can anyone help me out with this?

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Please visit the following link to know how to configure Cisco ASA using ASDM:


If you have already configured the ASA as per recommendation and still not able to see the device in NetFlow Analyzer. Please check for the following to resolve the issue:

a) If there is any firewall (Including Software firewall like Windows Firewall)between ASA and the system where NetFlow Analyzer is installed which could block UDP port 9996.
b) If you are able to ping or telnet the ASA from NetFlow Analyzer server.
c) If there is any access list which could be blocking UDP packets on port 9996.

Additionally, please install a packet capture program like 'Wireshark' to verify if  packets are received by the machine where NetFlow Analyzer is installed.

Praveen Kumar
NetFlow Analyzer Technical Team
+1 925 965 9435