I have to get report Down Time Summary per month for selected monitors...(Admin>Enable Reports>Down Time Summary Reports)
Please see the below pictures..

Please do not make quick decisions, if you write query i think its will be work..
Firstly create query for these report (all of monitors and monthly) than filter for "like windows" "ISDATE" and i will edit manually reason and its will be affects here..

A really down servers and planned (scheduled) down servers reports times are separate times.. Right ?

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Downtime Summary report is like a system generated report and is triggered on a daily basis. We do not have option to edit any attributes of this report.

After reading through your post following is my suggestion:

You can go to the server monitor details page. Click on 30 days Icon Under Today's Availability and you can add reason for downtime for any monitor. You can then schedule a Downtime History report. From Reports Tab-->Click on schedule reports link on the top right-->Select Report Type as Downtime History report and schedule it. This should give you the details you are looking for.

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Paul Jacob