Cheryl A. 5 Laps
We have a need to standardize views for our techs to ensure they are managing their requests properly and seeing the appropriate columns - that we want them to concentrate on.

I have a couple techs in Desktop Support
I want them to see All Requests within selected Categories, Groups and that have a status of not closed or resolved.
The above is easily done.
What I want too do is set the columns I want displayed within the view and set the sort order of columns and rows.
(would be awsome if we could have some type of grouping capability i.e.  sort by Technician then by Date, or sort by Subcategory then by Date then by Technician - need flexibility)
This could be pushed as the "default" view for technicians so everyone is looking at the same info.
Yes, they can do custom views but they always have this as the master view and that will be the way they need to manage consistently within the department.

This can also be used when one tech is on vacation so that we don't have to reassign in-progress requests in order to be seen and worked on in a timely manner.

Yes, the above can be done with reports, but reports are not current - only a snapshot in time.

Anyone else have a need for this or have comments about flexible ways to do this?

Enhancement List?

Thank you.

Cheryl Ankrom Jennmar Corporation

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Dinesh Bhaskaran Product Expert-SDP
Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for the suggestion. I will check about this with our Development team and get back to you at the earliest.
Alagarraja Alagar Swamy Product Architect - SDP
Hi Cheryl,

We are currently working on the design of Kanban view for the tickets to balance the tickets / workload across the team. We will provide option to see the tickets assigned to technicians in each kanban bucket with fine tuned filter like priority , level . In case of technician UN-available some one has to take the ownership of re-assigning / sharing the load to other in that team / group.

If we make a default column selection / sorting for a Request custom view then every view is forced to select columns. This will make all the users to personalize the columns for their own under a private custom views. Currently one time a user select the columns & order all the other list he will filter the requests alone. 

Please provide more detailed info of the working model to assist you better. Thanks for your understanding.

Alagar Raja.