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Generate report with telephone field

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in Desktop Central  •  DC-Reports  •  13 Jun, 04:24 PM
Hello.  I need to generate a report using Desktop Central that includes the "telephone" field in AD.  I am using build version 10.0.83, and I can click on the Reports tab > User Reports > Active User Accounts and see a report of all users.  However, when I try to customize the fields, all the phone-related fields are available EXCEPT the "telephone" field, which is where we populate most of our phone numbers.  Is there a way to get that information on a report?

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Hi Rvalentine, 

Appreciate your forum post. 

As of now, It's not fetched for the reports. However, Please raise your request in this link to add it in the roadmap. 

Looking forward to assisting you.

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