Karl M Formation Lap
I'd like to request the support of an HSM, specifically the UbiHSM or SafeNet Luna for encryption in PMP. UbiHSM seems like a perfect fit, since it can store AES keys and costs very little ($500) and seems relatively easy to integrate, since it is well documented with published drivers for Windows and a Python framework.

Having an HSM would prevent memory attacks on the private key, and help eliminate the workarounds for storing it on a file.

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Hi Karl,

Thanks for the forum post.
We already have HSM integration in our road-map. We will be implementing SafeNet first and then followed by UbiHSM and other HSM's. We will not be able to give you the exact timeframe at this point. However, you might expect this feature in one of the major releases this year.

Feel free to write us if you have any other questions.

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