Vijayalakshmi Community Manager

Hey, guys!

Mobile Device Manager Plus has recently endorsed Google's mobility management function -  Android for Work
For those of you who manage Android devices, this exceptional feature gives you enhanced device management controls like: 

1. Separate work files from personal files on the same device. 
2. Apply policies only to the work-container in managed devices. 
3. Push work apps silently and prevent untrustworthy ones from being installed.
4. Manage volume purchase of apps easily. 

This feature is especially relevant in organizations that permit BYOD programs.

Android for Work can be explored in the recent builds of Mobile Device Manager Plus. Click here to know more about Android for Work. 

Thank you!

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Simon Formation Lap
Hi there

I have some questions regarding this ?
1) Does AFW/ManageEngine MDM support push installing of apps on to end devices without user prompting?

2) Can I purchase multiple licences of a paid app and then distribute those to selected devices using ManageEngine ?


Vijayalakshmi Community Manager
Hi Simon,

Thanks for getting in touch! Here's our response to your questions.

1. Yes, we do support silent installation (installing/pushing apps onto devices without users' intervention)  through the ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus console. 

2. Yes, you can purchase multiple licenses for Google Play Store paid apps. Post purchase, you can distribute them to your end-users' devices through ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus. 

Please go through the "App Management" section of this document to know how you can go about it. 

Hope this helps! Do let me know if you need anything else.