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How to Find Active Database

in ADManager Plus  •  Troubleshooting  •  15 Jun, 11:24 AM
Hello Help Desk,

I was wondering if there was a definitive way to see the databases that are currently being used by the ADAuditPlus and ADManagerPlus programs. They reside on the same database server (MSSQL), but there are two databases for each program and I'm not sure which is actually being used in production. I ran queries to see the current processes in the databases, but I don't feel like I can fully rely on that. We're running out of disk space and I'd like to figure out which databases are no longer in use.

Please let me know if you need more information. Thank you!

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Scott Employee
Dear Customer,

The database that is currently in use can be found by viewing the details in database_params.conf file present in <Installation Folder>\ADManager Plus\Conf folder. This can be checked on both ADManager Plus and ADAudit Plus products.

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