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I am monitoring a fortigate, in the section of Netflow the interface does not come with the name of the interface but ifindex X. how can I do to bring me the complete information?

How can I recover an interface that stops managing?

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Hi ,

Thank you for writing to us. 

NetFlow analyzer detects the interfaces with the ifindex values reported by the router. To retrieve the interfaces names and speed NetFlow analyzer uses SNMP. Device names and Interface speeds also will be updated once the SNMP is updated in NetFlow analyzer.

To update SNMP:

In NetFlow Analyzer UI,  Please click on the edit icon next to the device name under the Devices tab and then click on Set SNMP Parameters and enter the correct SNMP community/port that you have configured in your device and hit update and check on the issue. 

If you are using version 12, please refer the below link for the SNMP update and check.