In what cases does an SNMP Request gets timed out. Anyone please brief me on this.

Thanks in advance. Raji.

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vivek_me Formation Lap
SNMP requests are timed out for the following reasons:

1. The community name may be different. SNMP mandates that the agents should accept requests only if the community string in the message matches its community name. The default SNMP community names are "public" for read-only (GET) operations and "private" for read-write (SET) operations.

2. The listening port of the agent might be different. Management applications communicate with the SNMP agents in the managed node on a particular port number. This remote port number is the UDP port 161. By default, all SNMP requests are received in this port. Agents can also be configured to receive messages in ports other than 161.

3. The agent may be slow in responding to the request. To solve this problem, you must increase the timeout value.
The timeout is the time interval that an application waits for a response message from an agent. The default value is 5 seconds.

Please tell me how to increase the time out value

You can increase the timeout value by setting the required timeout using the method SnmpPDU.setTimeout(int time_in_ms) if you are using low-level API, or the method setTimeout(int time_in_sec) of SnmpTarget / SnmpRequestServer in the case of using high-level API.