consider the following scenario: (and every IT Service desk person will know what I'm talking about)

User calls because account is locked out.

1. Record user's info.

2. Unlock user's account.

3. Verify user has logged in successfully.

Now, create incident request via template (in our case we have an Account Locked Out template).

In SDP you have 2 choices: Worklog mandatory or Worklog NOT mandatory.

Since we chose to have worklog mandatory,  we would like the ability to include a prefilled worklog with the resolution. We know that it takes the technician 'on average' 5 minutes to resolve these calls. Why can't the template include the worklog configured with technician name and time to resolve so that when the template gets applied to the request, the call is resolved immediately? As it stands now, the technician can apply the template BUT must now go back into the request, click on resolution, then EDIT to add a worklog to resolve the call SINCE worklog is mandatory.

Hope I explained that's late...

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Hi Ashburn,

Thanks for explaining the requirement in detail. The feature requested is already added in our features list and its id is SDF-49162. It will be added to the application in one of the future hot fix. Kindly let me know if you need further assistance.

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tom peach-geraghty Formation Lap
could someone please take a look at my issue? I know I'm posting in the wrong place but I'm not sure anything will happen otherwise :/

itteam Formation Lap
Hi all,

Does anyone know if this was added? I am after the same function myself but I can't seem to find the work log part.

Ryan 25 Laps
To my knowledge it has yet to be added. This feature would be beneficial to many organizations that use custom templates to resolve issues that take very little time. The BIGGEST complaint from my technicians that they have to continually go back into a resolved ticket to add a work log for an issue that took less than 5 minutes to close. 
Vignesh R Product Specialist - SDP
Hi Ryan,

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts,

As of now we are yet to work on this feature as we are working on the other features mentioned in our roadmap hence we regret the inconvenience caused.

Per Torell Formation Lap
This is one of our biggest issues that we have with adding issues that are solved over the phone.
The function needs to be implemented really soon or there should be an easy fix for it!
Christine Allen Formation Lap
This would also be great for us as well and maybe add the option to populate the work log in the submit form and/or the resolution tab. This could give us the option to create an FCR template that allows the tech to add the work log and resolution when creating an FCR request to speed up the process.
Rein Kuiken Formation Lap
This function would really help in my organisation! 
Creating worklogs is time consuming on all those less than 5 minute calls.