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Flexibility in the way we do IT is critical to a business progress. We have taken a small step forward in this direction and are happy to launch the ManageEngine Marketplace. ManageEngine Marketplace brings you some choices and flexibility which probably are limiting you from accomplishing some tasks right now.  We'd be adding more apps to the portal. Browse through our various applications in Marketplace dashboard to get pricing details, installation steps, FAQs, and instant supportWe'd also like to hear from you on what other apps you'd like to see. Do try the apps listed here and connect with your peers to see what works for them and what doesn't!

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caglayan.aydin ME Partner
 says "Unauthorised Access"
vijay.ch Sarathi Employee
Hi Caglayan,

We have updated the page.
You can check this link: http://marketplace.manageengine.com/
Do let me know if you have any queries.

Boris Slavik Formation Lap
Hi everybody,

just a simple question: Are the apps that are uploaded here tested/verified by the Manageengine team?

Thanks for your answer - from time to time our customers are asking.

Best regards