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in Applications Manager  •  General  •  28 Aug 2006
When I install Application Manager Evaluation finish. And run "Application Manager start" Program will show message box "Error code: 485::Invalid License File Please Contact
AdventNet,Inc. ...."
How can I solve this problem ?
Thank you

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app_support Employee

We believe the license file of your applications manager installation got corrupted. Kindly uninstall the applications manager, download the latest version from the below page and install it.

If you are still getting the same problem let us know.

I download and install it again. But have the same error.
Have another solution ?

Thank you.
app_support Employee
Please send us the AppManager7\working\classes\AdventNetLicense.xml file to support@appmanager,com ( by default AppManager7 - C:\Program Files\AdventNet\ME\AppManager7 )
I couldn't find AdventNetLicense.xml in my computer. Because I download program not complete or not ?

Thank you
app_support Employee
Create a support information file ( by clicking "Support Information File" link under Support tab ) and send it to
Got the same problem but managed to solve it myself.
On the "Invalid license file" dialog windon press OK and go step back.
Select "Non evaluation something" option and manually select AdventNetLicense.xml file.
In my case it was located here.

"C:\Program Files\AdventNet\SNMPUtilities\classes\AdventNetLicense.xml"
Press OK and you are done.