Sean Brown Formation Lap

Inventory Reporting

in ServiceDesk Plus  •  Report  •  06 Jun, 08:41 AM
We are in the process of restructuring our IT budget and am thinking about leasing assets to departments, charging them a flat fee per month per asset.  My question(s) are as follows...

1) What is the best way to run the report on what assets belong to what department?


2) Is there a way to implement the internal lease cost in asset management to calculate the total charges to each department per month?

If these tasks are not currently feasible to do in SDP, could this be an enhancement for a future release? 


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Dinesh Bhaskaran Product Expert-SDP

Re: Inventory Reporting

19 Jun, 12:08 AM
Hi Sean,


1. You can make use Custom reports for All Assets which will have the Department column. Upon generating the Report, you can view the Department to which the Asset belongs to.

2. You could make use of Asset Additional fields (Numeric) to add the Internal Lease cost. So that, this field would be available for all the Assets, you can add the cost manually.
Sean Brown Formation Lap

Re: Inventory Reporting

19 Jun, 07:24 AM
Thanks for the info!  I will give this a try.