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Has anyone else had issues configuring ADManager Plus High Availability in an Azure VM environment?  I have been working with ManageEngine concerning the issue for a week or so.  The tech, I have been working with, said our configurations are correct.  He has not been able to get it working either even re-configuring HA multiple times.  He is checking with the developers for possible issues with Azure.  This is within a government Azure tenant.  I am hoping that it is not an issue with ADManager HA and Azure.  

The issue is concerning the Virtual hostname and virtual IP created during the configuration of High Availability.  If you are on the primary server, you can use the http://"virtualhostname":8080 or the virtual IP to connect to the App as well as using the server's hostname.  If you are on another computer/server or secondary server, you cannot connect to the virtual hostname or IP.  You can still connect to the primary server's name though.  If you fail over to the secondary and stop the primary's AD Manager service, you can connect to virtual hostname and virtual IP on the secondary server, but you cannot access that address from the primary or any other server.  You can still access the application from the secondary server's hostname from another device.  We have the needed DNS entries, and we have tried re-configuring High Availability, adding new DNS entries, and so on with the ME techs.  We have the database connecting to a MS SQL server in Azure.

Per our enterprise architect's prior conversations with ManageEngine, this was supposed to be possible.  Has anyone else had this issue or something similar?  Thank you!

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Hi Edward, 

Greetings from ADManager Plus. 

Just a quick update from us. We've been testing this out and we're trying to reproduce this on a similar environment. 

We will keep you updated on every progress. 


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No worries at all, Shane. :D  I was just wondering, if anyone else had this issue as well.  I was hoping that it was not an issue with Azure, or I bollocks something up on the initial install.  Thank you for the update!
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Good Morning,

Has there been any update on when AD Manager Plus will support high availability in Azure?  When I spoke to the devs last, it was still being looked into.  Thank you!
Scott Employee
Hi Edward,

We have plans to implement High Availability in Azure. We will make sure to this keep this forum updated.

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