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in ADSelfService Plus  •  General  •  13 Jun, 03:01 PM
Do technicians from SD+ import to ADSS+? 

I would like to be able to use the security questions to authenticate the identity of call in users however, it seems that there is no way to limit the results of the users registration questions or audit which technicians see the users questions and force re-registration updating the questions afterwards.

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Hi Jacob,

I am afraid to say that the requested feature of importing the technicians from SD+ to ADSS+ is not supported at present. Also, the feature of limiting the results of the users' security answers and deleting their enrollment based on the selected OUs/Groups specific to each technician is not available.

I would request you to raise these features to my support team (support@adselfserviceplus.com) with the detailed requirement to get it added in our future release of ADSS+.

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