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We're testing now APM on a linux server, but we've add several groups, hosts,  services, etc. We're going to buy APM but on a windows server, our question is:

Can I backup APM from a linux server and restore on a windows server?


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Hi Israel,

Certainly you can migrate the AppManager from Linux to windows. Please follow the below steps,

Steps to migrate :

  • Stop the Applications Manager and shut it down once again via command prompt using -force command (sh shutdownApplicationsManager.bat -force)
  • Copy the AppManager folder from the old server to the new one.
  • If you wish to run the application as a service then execute the file installService.bat from the directory AppManager\bin via command prompt.
  • Delete the files befailover.frm, befailover.MYD and befailover.MYI located in the AppManager_home/working/mysql/AMDB folder in the new server.
  • Start Application Manager from services.
If you need any assistance or clarifications, Do get back to us.


P.S -> The above steps can be followed for migrating AppManager in the following scenario
           Windows to Windows.
           Linux to Linux (barring the service install steps).
           Linux to Windows.

iga3725 10 Laps