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Hi all,
I have a 'tricky' question: how can I check if Application Manager is working, using a Windows script? I mean, AppManager is used for monitoring other servers, but how can we build a mechanism to periodically check if AppManager is up?
Here we work in Windows, so I could build a powershell script to check if AppManager service is up, but it would not be enough, in the past there were times that the service was up but the AppManager site was down. Maybe listening to a specific port, but it could not be enough too... I have no clue how to solve this.
I would like to know if someone have already found a easy way to do this.
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As mentioned if you have a script ,monitoring the Windows Service and the Webserver port would be sufficient.If Applications Manager is becoming unresponsive or restarting we need to analyze your installation further for any issues.You may send in the support files to
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 Paul Jacob