hi to everybody


I am a student, and i am working in the university's computer center,

our network administrator assign me to manage our netflow using manageengine 5 (adventnet), and this is my 3rd day at work. i realized that netflow is working very slowly and sometimes the netflow server gets locked because of high cpu usage,

our hardware conf is:


1 GB of RAM

x86 model 6 family 7 stepping 3 CPU (PENTIUM 3)

and around 67 GB of HardDisk

software conf is:

Windows Advanced Server 2000 SP4


if anybody tell me the reason, is the hardware/software conf is not enough,

how can we improve the performance and stop locking of server?

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Hi Albert,

Thank you for writing to us. Please send us the About tab screenshot from NetFlow Analyzer UI, we will check and get back to you.

Thanks & Regards,

Aravind Lenin
Technical Support Engg- Netflow Analyzer