Zachary 5 Laps
I've successfully shared a request with a Technician but the technician doesn't receive any notifications to when a reply has been appended to a request. 

Can we have this functionality implemented so Shared Technicians and Requesters can see any notifications via email?

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Dinesh Bhaskaran Product Expert-SDP
Hi Zachary,

Good day!

Thank you for the suggestion. Let me check with our Development team and get back to you at the earliest.
krishnabharat.vv Employee
Sharing a request will allow to only view the request.

We are working on another feature called "Follow request", which enable some notifications to whomever can view the request and want to follow it updates.

This feature is still in design phase. Here is the feature request ID 66902 for the same

Krishna Bharat

ServiceDesk Plus team