Why this Announcement? 

Desktop Central’s Patch Management has significantly evolved in the last 2 years like introducing support for MS SQL, Mac Patch Management etc. These enhancements required a lot of internal changes in our Patch Database (DB) and have been maintaining several versions of the patch DB, so that the customers are not forced to migrate to any specific build.  We are also planning to add a lot more features like patch uninstallation in the near future. It is extremely difficult to maintain several versions of the patch DB owing to frequent enhancements and modifications. 

What is the impact?

Customers who are currently using Desktop Central build # 80231 or older versions will not be able to synchronize the Patch Database after the 30th of Sep 2013. This means, Desktop Central will no longer be able to detect the new and latest patches (released after Sep 30, 2013) and list them under the missing patches..

What Should you do?

Upgrade to the latest build for synchronization of the Patch database to work. Visit the Service Packs page to download the latest version.


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