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in Applications Manager  •  General  •  29 Jun 2011
We've got Oracle Corp. managing our DB's and their technicians are asking what are the queries that App Manager runs against the DB. They are concerned with the performance impact that the monitoring introduces, as the DB server has it's memory resources stretched. 


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Queries run by Applications Manager would not cause overhead on the monitored Oracle DB server.Please refer below steps.

You can see the queries used by Applications Manager in the Oracle.xml file present in the AppManager9\working\conf\application\ directory.

Check the polling interval for the Oracle monitors which your DBAs have reported problem. Increase the polling interval for them to 10 minutes.

Please check the Admin tab--> Performance Polling -->Oracle  link.

*Using this option, You can Enable or Disable Data Collection for Disk Reads, Buffer Gets and Lock and Wait Statistics for Oracle servers.
*If this is checked, Data Collection will happen for Disk Reads, Buffer Gets and Lock and Wait Statistics and you could see the details of Disk IO Stats in the Oracle details page.
*If this is not checked, Data Collection will be stopped for Disk Reads, Buffer Gets and Lock and Wait Statistics which will further reduce the load.

Following above steps should resolve your issue. Mostly you would have selected a low polling interval.

Also after following above steps we can check the time taken for collecting data for monitors in the AppManager9\logs\diagnostics\diagnose\diagnose.log file. Please see the example below, here the time taken for collecting the data is logged.

Fri Mar 06 02:00:22 IST 2011 DCLog: ResourceId: 10000154 ResourceName:  app-w2k1.india.adventnet.com_ORACLE-DB-server_adventdb_1521 DCTime(ms)=64548

If there is any particular Oracle servers which you have problem you can check if that is present in this log file. Let us know if the DCTime(ms) is very high and we can assist further.

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Thanks, that helped.