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We're looking to automate our new user set up process.  What I'd like is for our users to hit a web page, type in the info, select some applications that this user will need, then the request gets submitted and if approved would create the account and make them group members of different groups based off the application they selected.  Then when it's done spit out an email to the person who requested the set up, with the login information for the new account.  I've only recently (like the past few hours) started playing with the ADManager tools, and I think it can do most of this but I'm thinking the web portal is going to be my hang up as the page seems more set up for technicians. 

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Scott Employee
Hi Admlshake,

ADManager Plus has the ability to create a user in AD applying User creation template. As you rightly said the tool can assist you in resolving User Creation part populating the attributes you want. In case you have a web form that can spit out a CSV file with LDAP headers the product can import the file and create users in AD.

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