Hello i want to be able to recollate monitor RAW DATA far beyond just 6 hours (default maximum detail time) Is there any way to achieve this?

I´m polling just PING command type monitors to a 5 min polling interval, APP MGR v 10 just allow me to consult 6 last hours so i want a query or someting in order to increase this information gather,.

Thank you so much.

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You can check the raw data of as follows:

1. Go to the Monitor details page
2. Click on the 7 or 30 icon (above the attribute's graph or next to the attribute)
3. In the displayed graph, choose 'Show polled data' from the drop down list to display the data values for each poll of the device.

By default we allow the retention of raw data to a maximum of 6 hours, after which the data will be cleaned.

If you wish to increase the raw data retention period, you can do so for a maximum period of 24 hours.

Please add an entry to the file AMServer.Properties (open the file using wordpad or vi editor) from the folder <AppManager_Home>\conf as follows


(here value_in_hrs is the number of hours the raw data has to be stored, ranging from 5-24) 

So we are allowing the max of 24 hrs of storage of raw data.