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Is it possible to have a query that will show all assets that are using up a node license in SD+? I am running SDP 9.3 build 9309 with an MSSQL database.

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Please use the below query.

SELECT resource.RESOURCENAME AS "Asset Name" FROM Resources resource LEFT JOIN ComponentDefinition product ON resource.COMPONENTID=product.COMPONENTID LEFT JOIN ComponentType productType ON product.COMPONENTTYPEID=productType.COMPONENTTYPEID LEFT JOIN ResourceType rtype ON productType.RESOURCETYPEID=rtype.RESOURCETYPEID LEFT JOIN ResourceCategory rCategory ON productType.RESOURCECATEGORYID=rCategory.RESOURCECATEGORYID LEFT JOIN ResourceState state ON resource.RESOURCESTATEID=state.RESOURCESTATEID WHERE  (((((state.DISPLAYSTATE != 'Disposed') AND (state.DISPLAYSTATE != 'Expired')) AND (state.DISPLAYSTATE IS NOT NULL)) AND (rCategory.CATEGORY = 'IT')) AND (rtype.TYPE = 'Asset'))