Hi, All
I have two questions with Real Browser Monitor.
Question one:
I added webCheckText("=====") in the websript where the given text(=====) are not supposed to be present in the current page, but the monitor runs well without any error and the validation status is "Success".
Does that mean the webCheckText not working? How can I prove that webCheckText works?
Question two:
When I added content to webcript of one monitor, some times it playback just as the new content of webscript I modified, but the "Real Browser Monitor Url Sequences" don't change for it. the new URL sequences are not shown there. And same situation happens when I delete the content from webscript of one monitor, the URL sequences of deleted content still remains there. What's the problem with this? Is it OK to directly modify the content of webscript?

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Hi Guest,

For Question One,

Please try the following, place the webCheckText under the setWindowNM after the particular URL where you wish to test the text check. Sample as below.

# URL : "http://appmanager.com"

Do try and let me know if it still doesn't work with example of the page you are trying to check.

For Question two,

Am sorry, that is the expected behaviour as of now and we do not support (reflect) the changes which are done in the web script directly.

Hi Dilip
For Question one, I checked the with the example you provide (place the webCheckText under the setWindowNM after the particular URL ), it works.
But I have another question, what kind of content can be detected by using webCheckText? It seems that whatever I put in the quotes, the results are alway failed, and the root cause anysis: "The resource http://step1website/ is not available.The String ... did not appear in the response | | Response Code : 200"

Thank you for the update, the string which you can use should be the text(s) which appear when you do a view page source.