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I have installed the RBM Toolbar & RBM playback Agent on my AppManager server & remote machine. I have also activated the agent & it is visible from my server.

I would like to know how
to record a new Webscript ? Do I create it from the server or on the remote machine? When I look in the toolbar on the remote machine, I don’t have the option to create a new script.
I only have the following options:

Hide ToolBar
Uninstall ToolBar

Please can you explain how to record a webscript

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  Regarding the request, Please find my comments on recording the Web Scripts.

* Please log in to the Application manager and click on the new monitor on the top left corner & select the RBM monitor.

* Select the Add/View web scripts and will take you to the new window. Please enter the script name and click on the Record new Web script.

* If you have not installed the toolbar, Please download the toolbar from the top of the same screen. Also RBM only supports IE6.0 and above

* It will open a new IE where you can enter the sequence of URL which you want to monitor. After recording the script, Please click on stop record button on the top.

* Save the recorded script in the Application manager screen and select the agent in the remote machine that you have installed.

* Click on Add RBM monitor and check for the polling.


* Please make sure that no IE related process is running before you record the script.

* Please end all IE process using the Task manager, Also make sure that you need to wait till the page loads completely before proceeding to the next page while recording.

Please can you confirm that the scripts are created always from the AppManager server & not directly on the machine where the agent is running?

I have created a test script on the server & attached it to an agent on a remote machine successfully, but I'm getting no information in return even when I force the polling.
The value of the next poll doesn't change :

Last Polled at

Oct 7, 2010 9:42 AM

Next Poll at

Oct 3, 2010 7:45 PM

& the Root Cause Analysis for Health is unknown.

When I view playback agents, the agent is available


  Regarding the issue, Please update me on the steps that you have performed to record the script and also send me the script. More over please do the following steps to check the issue.

* Stop the RBM Agent running in the remote machine. 

* Unmanage the RBM monitor in the Application manager and wait for some time.

* Please make sure no IE related process is running in the machine(Agent installed machine)

* Manage the RBM monitor and then start the Agent and wait for the automatic polling, check for the issue.

Please do update me on the same.


I have tried everything to make it work even including deleting the monitor & recreating it like you said but still it does not work.

The next poll is always marked "Oct 3, 2010 7:45 PM"

Does a log file exist for this monitor?


I have a temporary license file in place to test this monitor & it will expire on the 16th October

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