Seruken Formation Lap
Dear Colleagues,

I am currently working on a project and it would be nice if Additional fields under resources are made active to work with Python Scripting.
Currently the additional fields are not readable with python scripting and using the other type of additional fields isn't so smart as it does not support check box buttons.

Kind regards,

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Gopinath.B Product Expert-SDP
Hi Kenneth,

It is possible to read values that are provided in the 'Resource Questions' from a python script.You can take a look at the script in the post here which shows an example of how this can be done.

We will not be able to use fields in the resource questions as a criteria for custom trigger or pass them directly as external parameters to a script.But we can pass the request json file ($COMPLETE_JSON_FILE) as input to the script and then read the answers to the resource questions from it.

The script in the post mentioned earlier will give you an idea of how to read the values from fields that are available within the resources.If you need any further assistance in writing a script for a specific scenario , please let us know.

Gopinath B
Seruken Formation Lap
Hi Gopinath,

I am having issues setting values in the resource fields,

The use case is to read from the resource answers  and based on a criteria it auto populates the resource answer of another resource question.

kind regards