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SDP MSSQL Log is too large, can delete it ?

in ServiceDesk Plus  •  General  •  18 Jun, 07:37 PM

SDP:  two server, one is service server. The other is DB server.

There is one log on DB server  which is too large, about 80G.   DB is only 20G


log name: servicedesk0524_log.ldf

If the log is deleted, is the service nomal?


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Dinesh Bhaskaran Product Expert-SDP
Hi Robin,


Yes, ServiceDesk Plus database transaction log can be shrunk or deleted. However, we strongly recommend you to take ServiceDesk Plus application backup and SQL full backup before proceeding with it. Refer to the below link for the instructions to take an application backup,

You can find the steps from the below link to shrink or delete the MSSQL transaction log. Please get this done by our Database Administrator,

Hope this helps!
Robin Formation Lap

Hi, Dinesh

Thank you very much.