Dear User(s),

We are pleased to announce the release of ServiceDesk Plus - MSP Build 8210

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-6533: Description field for 'Support Group Description' is missing if CMDB is not enabled
  • MSPSDP-6606: If pre-defined CI Types like 'account', 'people' are edited, their additional fields are not displayed
  • MSPSDP-6900: Issues in backup and restore
  • MSPSDP-6926: Requesters are created under MSP account when importing requesters through CSV for a new account
  • MSPSDP-6946: When creating a new business rule, if the 'E-mail Template' is changed, templates for existing business rules are also changed
  • MSPSDP-6948: When editing a requester, 'Cost per hour' field is not updated
  • MSPSDP-6953: When changing an MSP Requester to a technician, if 'Groups' are associated, error occurs
  • MSPSDP-6961: Custom request filters do not work with boolean criteria
  • MSPSDP-6968: Disabling Worklog start and end time auto-populate is not working in resolution page
  • MSPSDP-6974: Error editing Support groups in some cases

Enhancements Made

  • MSPSDP-2271: Capture SLA Escalation in History tab
  • MSPSDP-2510: VIP requesters:
    • Ability to mark a requester as a VIP User
    • Technicians can prioritize a request with different SLA and business rule for a VIP User
    • Reports can be generated for VIP User requests
  • MSPSDP-6949: Technician with 'View All Requests' role can see the requests dashboard
You can download the product from the following page:

Our existing users can upgrade to the latest version by using the service pack and instructions posted on this page:

Instructions for applying the hot-fix are also available on the same page. 

For any assistance, please contact our technical support team at sdpmsp(at)


ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP Team

Replies (6)

Helge Formation Lap

Hi Santhosh,

after upgrading to 8210 all scheduled backups fail. Error message is "File not Found".

I already switched backup location back to default and deselected attachments' backup - without success.

Any hints?



Hi Helge

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. It is a known issue. 

After the scheduled backup is completed, in the backup scheduling page it shows file not found. But the file is actually present in the backup folder.

Reason - Folder structure is wrongly mapped.

It should be mapped to <ServiceDeskPlus-Msp>\backup\backup_postgres_8210_fullbackup_<date>\<file name>

But it is mapped as 


--> It is a known issue. Issue ID - 7035. We will fix it in upcoming release 8211, which is due by next month.


Helge Formation Lap

Thanks for the quick reply, Santhosh!

But with my installation the backup file is not present in the backup folder nor in the default folder. So maybe it is something different? (NullPointException)


Hi Helge

Scheduled Back up is not working in some cases (installations) in 8210

Follow the steps below to fix this issue.

Connect to your database from a command prompt and execute the following queries.

a) select max(globalconfigid) from globalconfig; 

--> Here note down the maxID which is listed.

b) Execute the following query : 

 insert into globalconfig values (<maxID+1>,'BACKUPSCHEDULE','BACKFILESIZE','1024','Size of each split Backup File in MB( >500MB to <1.5GB ). If the value is not proper, the default size of 1GB will be set.'); 

Example - insert into globalconfig values (618,'BACKUPSCHEDULE','BACKFILESIZE','1024','Size of each split Backup File in MB( >500MB to <1.5GB ). If the value is not proper, the default size of 1GB will be set.'); 

Here 618 is the maximum ID+1.

2. Shut down and start the application once.

3. Schedule an another backup such that it will run immediately and check the mentioned issue once.



Helge Formation Lap
Hi Santhosh

Thanks for the workaround! I used maxid+1 for the insert statement because I got the "duplicate key" error.
Now I still have the "file not found" error but the backup file is there. I guess that is expected with this build.

Hi Helge

Yes you are right. You have to add MaxID+1.

Now you will have database backup in the installation. Please ignore the "file not found" error. it will be fixed in next hotfix release.