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ServiceDesk Plus REST API and Json

in ServiceDesk Plus  •  General  •  24 Mar 2014
Hi there, I am currently creating an integration between SDP and another support system and was wondering if it is possible to use Json data format for creating a new request as opposed to using the xml post attribute INPUT_DATA as outlined in the API Documentation. If it is possible to use Json, do you have any basic examples or documentation for this. Please note we are currently using version 9.0 Build 9003.
Thanks for your input

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Hi Allen,

JSON Support for API is currently unavailable in the application. However we are working on this feature and will be available in our future updates.

Priya K

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Thanks for the response. I'll look forward to the Json implementation.
Umasankar Director-Engineering
Hi Allen,

Can you explain the integration use case you are looking at.  Is this to create ticket in SDP from an external application or to do some operation from SDP into other application.  Also are you looking to sync the other application when a request is updated in one application (ie. two way sync).

SDP team.
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Hi, yes we are in process of creating a Windows Service that pulls ticket information from the source ticket system (CenterBeam), parses and does some field mapping, and then creates a new ticket in SDP via the REST API. As for the sync, we will also be monitoring SDP emails for when the ticket is closed by one of our technicians. At that point we will be sending a response back to CenterBeam that close the ticket on their end.
Allen D.
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I am trying to hit service desk plus application from a cross domain(localhost) through ajax call. I am only receiving XML response eventhough I specify JSON format. When I try to access the same url in service desk plus application I am able to see json response. Why is this happening? Is there any issue w.r.t JSON format while consuming web service from cross domain. Can anyone help me on this. I need json response to display in table. I already tried for 2 days. Please share your thoughts. It would be helpful.

Jai Anand Krishnamoorthy Technical Manager - SDP

Would it be possible for us to have a phone call to discuss further on this. Please write us your contact information and availability to

Jai Anand K
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I would like to revive this old thread. All of the API documentation suggests that JSON can be used to talk to the API - all of the examples are shown in JSON. But the API doesn't support json data in the body, as far as i can tell - i can only get the calls to work using XML in the INPUT_DATA URL argument. 

Why is the documentation so wrong on this most basic topic? Is there a way to format the request correctly so that you can use regular JSON input data? I see there was a reply in this thread three years ago that it was going to be implemented, did that ever happen?
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I am trying to get this to work too. In the URI you need to use DATA=  rather than INPUT_DATA=  for JSON rather than XML parameters. Even so it does not work for me.
And I think XML is not going to be supported for the API, moving forward, so it would be nice to have an answer to this.


Check: (powershell example). 

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