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Let's say Heather Graham is the change manager for all the network related changes in your organization. Your IT help desk receives complaints from multiple users of the engineering department regarding intermittent network connection. Your technicians have found the root cause to be a faulty router that has to be replaced.  Therefore a technician created a new change, which in the first place has to be authorized by the change manager. But he created the change without knowing who the change manager is. Here's what happens when your technicians do not have the visibility of this change hierarchy.


The technician has to wait until,

  • The administrator manually assigns the change to the concerned change manager (Heather Graham)
  • A change manager (Heather Graham) picks up the change for himself after going through the list of all the changes


The delay causes multiple people to report the same issue and escalation emails. If you face similar issues, here's your  solution.

Pre-configure change manager to the changes based on the category of the change or the template it follows. This automatically populates a change manager when you create a change. i.e - when you choose either the category or the template, the respective change manager gets automatically assigned and notified so that he/she can act quickly on a change.


1. Category-based assignment:

Assign a change manager to a change based on the category of the change. To configure, Goto Admin -> Helpdesk Customizer -> Category (choose and edit a category) -> Assign change manager

2. Template-based assignment:
Assign a change manager based on the change template that it follows. To configure,
Goto Admin -> Change Template -> Choose and Edit a template -> Assign change manager.


This automation can help your IT team in the following ways,

  • Reduces confusion, unnecessary delays and escalations
  • Improves the visibility in change hierarchy to the technician so that he/she can immediately co-ordinate with the change manager in performing the change quickly


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