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Roll up your sleeves and get started, for this week's caption contest is now open! Let your imagination run wild and caption this image to scoop an Amazon gift voucher worth $20*. 

Note: Please write your captions as comments to this post. 

We've more images here that await your captions! Caption as many images as possible to hike up your chances of winning

*25 winners will be chosen based on their participation and creativity. 

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Replies (23)

Nathan T Formation Lap
So let me get this straight, you pay how much for an Apple....and it's not food?

Nathan T Formation Lap
Wait a minute...you mean you're not Angelina Jolie?????

Layer3guru Formation Lap
Let me get this straight... You want me to work in Microsoft's support center in India?
Dustin White Formation Lap
Ok..., so you are a Nigerian Prince and you need my bank account so you can give me 4 billion dollars... Really...  
Nathan T Formation Lap
Your house has how many rooms?!?!??!
cfburns 15 laps
"I know you had been wanting an Etch-a-Sketch," the kind stranger said, "but trust me this Kanban board, is soo much better!"
Darran Hight 10 Laps
So, to fix my system, all I have to do is turn it off and turn it back on again? 
Hemalakshmi B Employee
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Nathan T Formation Lap
You're telling me at your office, the IT department DOESN'T use ManageEngine?????????????
Nathan T Formation Lap
"And then he asks, where's the any key?" 
Hemalakshmi B Employee
Haha! Love reading your captions! Here's another one. @Nathan, you rock! 
Dawit 30 Laps
"Free License you said?!..."
cuauhxicalli Formation Lap
are you saying, iphone is cheap??
Ken Lai Formation Lap
You mean to tell me you changed your password before the long weekend and now you forgotten it?
Andrew Cairns Formation Lap
So what exactly is this 'cloud' you're talking about and where is it?
Liezle Jane Evora Formation Lap
"I have no internet, please assist! "

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Scott McGuigan Formation Lap
You mean to tell me, that I have to be on call?
Will Formation Lap
"So,,you can tell me who won the SuperBowl in 1991 but you cant remember your password you use everyday?
Don Barber Formation Lap
Soooo the email was a scam? I didn't win a deep sea phishing trip?
CAInfoTech Formation Lap
So, if I learn computer programming you will give me a job?
Don Barber Formation Lap
Let me get this straight, in your country if you work you pay taxes to the government. If you don't work the government pays you???
Hemalakshmi B Employee
This contest is now closed. Thank you all for your wonderful & witty captions! We enjoyed reading them all. Here's the list of winners for the Sysadmeme contest:

2. Jerry
3. Ken
5. Jaco
7. Trevis
8. Will
12. Nathan
13. David
18. Sunny M
20. Dawit
23. Ken Lai

Congratulations to all the winners. We'll be sending you the gift vouchers soon! :)
Those who didn't make it to this list, it's only because we could have only 25 winners and not more. Your captions were absolute ticklers too!