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David Toth 10 Laps
So, this was virus scanned right?
Take the blue pill -- You get SCCM and go back to your boring life. 
Take the red pill -- You stay in Wonderland and I show you how Desktop Central makes you look awesome.

So the Red one will let me completely understand User's requests?
Ben Formation Lap
Red Pill - Google Chrome
Blue Pill - Internet Explorer
James Formation Lap
Aneesh Joseph Formation Lap
How u want to die?..choice is yours....
Blue Pill:Welcome to IT Asset Management
Red Pill:Dude give me the pill fast
Mahesh Kumar Formation Lap
Red Pill is for Hard Working person.
Blue Pill is for Soft Working person.

Make your choice RED or BLUE.

Say again?

You said stick the Red pill where?!

Aamer Hamdani Formation Lap

Different dimension, Different perspective

USER's Problems vs Admin Solutions

Your life is full of blues. Take the red one. who don't like something hot.

Round the Clock.. Eye on everything...!

            Things works..

I would rather be a Red ranger than Blue 
sha.prasad1989 Formation Lap
Red pill wala disco,
Blue pill wala kisko.......
Sandra Kujat 10 Laps
Blue pill = Hail Hydra!

Red pill = Hail ManageEngine!
David Whitworth Formation Lap
I knew we'd be forced to swallow tablets sooner or later
ed Formation Lap
It's Time...

Do you want the Admin password?
Katherine Barnhart Formation Lap
Take Blue For ERM
Take Red For CRM
Take Both Red & Blue For SCM

Jon WIlliams Formation Lap
Take the blue pill and you get a team of interns for the summer! 
Take the red pill and..."Give me the red pill!"
ken Formation Lap
You take the blue pill - you will have to do all updates manually for the rest of your life.
You take the red pill - you get ManageEngine and you can forget about the updates.
Tomas Santana Formation Lap
Would you choose: 

-The red pill which shall provide you with premium features to your system to enhace your performance and productivity or...

-The blue pill which shall provide you with access to the ManageEngine Office and take one of their employee with you who have everything you need to know about ManageEngine's services and systems. 
Greg Altman Formation Lap
Take the blue pill - the story ends, you click finish and stay safe. 
Take the red pill - you learn automation and I show you how deep the Devops rabbit-hole goes.
Jay Mosser Formation Lap
So you are saying that since I am in IT I cannot take these oraly?!?
Nathan T Formation Lap
Tylenol or Advil?  The liqui-gel choice is yours.
Nathan T Formation Lap
If I take this pill, do I get a pair of cool sunglasses?
Trevis Formation Lap
Blue Pill = Believe that this support call on my day off will only take an hour at the office

Red Pill  = Face reality and say bye to my day off.

Daniel Formation Lap
wait this is a trick the red pill is like the red button (don't press!!!!)
"but its so pretty "

i picked the red pill.......and now im working weekends to restore what i broke

lesson learned:  don't eat the red pill
Jerry Formation Lap

You have a choice to make...do you:

Take the red pill and deploy a VMware ESX, and see just how far the virtual rabbit hole goes...

Or take the blue pill and deploy Microsoft Hyper-V...and remain bound by the chains of the machine...

Jamie Cameron 10 Laps

Red or Blue LEDs in the rack.

Linux or windows

Jamie Cameron 10 Laps

blue pill - VR Oculus Rift

Red Pill - Hololens

callum.corrigan2 Formation Lap
1. OSX, or Windows. 

2. Either way, someone will still brake something 

Greg Formation Lap

What is I told you Both the Red Pill and Blue Pill are an inactive substance.

Tom Trujillo Formation Lap
Red Pill - Block Spotify
Blue Pill - Block Facebook
Raj Bathma Formation Lap

whichever path you may take user.

We are monitoring and watching.



Red Pill - Hyper-V
Blue Pill - Vmware
Jaco Formation Lap
Is this a bad time to mention i'm color blind?
MADIWA Formation Lap
What !!!? Hell not!....What colors are this pills from your sunglasses?
Red pill = Take the day off on us

Blue pill = Wait, what are you upgrading whilst I'm not here?
Mike Klima Formation Lap
Western Digital Red
Western Digital Blue

Karol Sith Formation Lap
Take the BLUE pill and just manage your way through IT.

Take the RED pill, get ManageEngine - Enterprise IT Management, and see how simple IT can get.
Red pill:
  1. sudo rm -rf /home
Blue pill:
  1. sudo rm -rf /usr
pavel.koubek Formation Lap
Your choice, your life.
Take the blue pill and the story is over; you wake up back in your warm comfy office. Take the Red Pill and you stay in the server room, and see just how cold and dry it can get. 
Nathan T Formation Lap
Dayquil or Nightquil?  That depends on your symptoms!
Jeff Wenta Formation Lap

Mac or PC


So what you are trying to tell me is that I will have to manage all me servers manually adding up to hours upon hours of work.

No Neo,  I'm trying to tell you that when you are ready, you won't have too.
Nick 5 Laps
You take the BLUE Pill, you wake up at your desk and believe whatever it is your spreadsheets and emails tell you.
You take the RED Pill, you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the Manage Engine hole goes.
Remember...all I'm offering you is a choice.
kreischl Formation Lap
You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your cube and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in OracleLand, and they show you how deep the money hole goes.
Harrow mseede Formation Lap
Hmmmm, So red was attractive
Who said you are color blindness! You will also get green pill to have true color (RGB)
teirwin Formation Lap
Image result for which pill does neo choose
"You take the blue pill, the script you ran ends. You wake up in your server farm and believe ransom-ware will never hit you. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you about next gen firewalls, sandboxing, open-dns and encrypted backups."
Nathan T Formation Lap
What if I told you that there was another net out there called the DarkNet....would you believe me?
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Don Barber Formation Lap
Red pill - Steve Jobs

Blue pill - Bill Gates
David 25 Laps
Take the red pill...it tastes like cherry!
Ridhwaan Richards Formation Lap

RED: restart the server

BLUE: restart the services

Take the blue and rotten with your aging on premises VMs.
Have the red and develop your full Cloud Admin potential my chosen one!
Hemalakshmi B Employee
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