Murali 5 Laps

Technician assigning

in ServiceDesk Plus  •  General  •  18 Jun, 03:27 AM

Is there any way I can prevent the technicians from changing the status to ON HOLD or reply to the requester without picking up the ticket.

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Dinesh Bhaskaran Product Expert-SDP

Re: Technician assigning

18 Jun, 11:19 PM
Hi Murali,


You can configure Field & Form rules in ServiceDesk Plus to hide OnHold status if Technician field is Empty. So that, Technicians cannot move the Request to OnHold without Picking it up or Assigning it to a Technician. However, it is not possible to restrict the Technician from replying to the Requester without picking it up.

Please refer to the below link for information on Field & Form rules,

Murali 5 Laps

Re: Technician assigning

19 Jun, 03:49 AM
Hi Dinesh,

Hiding or "Remove Option" works in the request page only. But if the technician goes to "Resolution page" he can see and change the status to anything.

The Rule

Request Page

Resolution Page