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I require qliksense to create an Excel report whilst the consumer selects a set of tuples and R to automatically pick out up this report, carry out my script at the document. My script then creates another CSV record which I then need qliksense to robotically select up and perform a few predefined operations on it. Is there any manner i can hyperlink the two of those software together in this sort of way?

so that you could make clear the flowchart is: Qlik gets a huge data set -> the person selects a set of rows and creates csv -> My custom R script (picks up this csv robotically) is run on the csv and creates a brand new csv -> qlik alternatives it up (mechanically) and visually shows the outcomes of this system

Is there any type of wrapper software program to tie them together? Or is it a higher concept to perhaps just make some sort of UI that works with R within the historical past and the user can manually pass the file thru the UI?

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